What kind of work can I submit?

You may submit any paper for a Geography course, whether GEOB/GEOS (physical geography) or GEOG (human geography). GIS and cartography projects are encouraged, though please note that the final version of Trail Six will be printed in black and white.
Papers written for other disciplines may be submitted, though it is required that they are related to geography or one of its sub-disciplines. This may include, but is not limited to: GIS, geomorphology, hydrology, politics & political geography, economic geography & global business, feminist geography, cartography, environmental sustainability, biogeography, climatology, social geography, or urban studies & planning.

Can editors submit to Trail Six?

Yes, editors are welcome to submit to Trail Six. The double-blind review method ensures the anonymity of all authors so that submissions are reviewed without bias.

Can I submit a group project?

Yes, Trail Six welcomes group submissions. The group must designate one person to serve as the main author and all others must provide written consent allowing the work to be published in Trail Six. The main author may not submit any other papers to the journal.

When is the journal published?

Trail Six is published annually, with a new volume every March.