Trail Six is a nationally recognized academic journal, published annually by students at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Geography. It exists to publish the exemplary scholarly work of undergraduate students within the field of geography in a peer-reviewed, academic setting.

Trail Six is reviewed by faculty members at the Department of Geography. Once submissions are short-listed by the editorial board, faculty members are invited to review the papers that align with their research interests and expertise. Reviewers and editors then proceed to collaborate with the authors to refine their writing before submitting a final draft for consideration before the Editors-in-Chief.

Content published in Trail Six is made available to the public on the principle that open-access research supports a global exchange of knowledge. The articles that constitute each volume are representative of the array of topics that comprise the discipline of geography. Situated at the intersection of the natural and social sciences, Trail Six continually seeks to disseminate innovative and original scholarship that appeals to the diverse intellectual palate of our readership.